Tuesday, February 21, 2006

When's Dinner?

Hmmm. Pic not available for some reason.

Tonight for dinner I'm having Korean Chicken Patties and Kohlrabi Salad from Vietnam. Both come from Madhur Jaffrey's Step-by-Step Cooking which is one of my favorite cookbooks.

For the chicken I use Smart Chicken which is air chilled and all organic. You should try it - it's the best chicken ever. I had Central Market grind it for me. To that you add sliced green onions, sesame oil, soy sauce, roasted sesame seeds and a little chili powder. You mix the ingredients together and fry in a little vegetable oil. It's served with Korean Dipping Sauce. I can't wait to eat this.

The salad is really easy - you chop kohlrabi and a carrot into little matchsticks, put them in a bowl with some salt and let them sweat for a while. After you squeeze all the moisture out, you add vinegar, sugar, chili powder, chopped mint and chopped cilantro. It's topped with chopped roasted peanuts! It has a crunchy nutty flavor that I love.

I'll update this with the recipes if I can get permission.



Blogger gnightgirl said...

Well, I give you permission, does that count?!!

10:51 AM

Blogger Ilaiy said...

That looks really good ..


10:00 AM


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